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My Books & Articles


Numerology: A Simple Guide to Your Path in Life gives you inspiring insight into the life you were born to live – through your own (easily calculated) set of personal numbers.

This is the book you need if you are:


  • At a crossroads in life and wondering which path to take

  • Needing insight into your true strengths, talents and life purpose

  • Seeking to understand a pattern of problems or issues so you can turn things around 

  • Wanting insight into an important relationship.


Numerology: A Simple Guide to Your Path in Life is a reader-friendly book that contributes fascinating new perspectives to the still-evolving field of numerology, including:


  • A journey into the world of relationship numerology, which brings amazing insights into your important relationships    


  • A fascinating study of the numerology-tarot link in the images of the Rider Waite tarot cards, which provide visual insights into the language of numbers​.


This uplifting book is for readers who are new to numerology as well as those who have previously studied or read about it and want to broaden their understanding of the life insights numbers provide.  


Paperback (published 2015)


Available from

Intuition: The Art of Using Your Sixth Sense explores your extraordinary faculty of intuition. Packed with user-friendly information, this book is virtually a manual for attuning to your intuitive powers and using them as a reliable guiding force in life.

As well as providing simple strategies for igniting and attuning to your intuition, the book has valuable techniques for releasing any factors that may be blocking your intuitive processes. 


One of the book's most important features is a special section on yoga and meditation, which can provide a natural, gradual way to develop your intuitive faculties. You'll learn why the traditional yogis of India often had extraordinary intuitive powers!


There's also plenty of practical information on using your intuition effectively for specific purposes such as:


  • Attaining goals of any kind

  • Receiving ideas for creative and innovative projects

  • Developing a clear sense of direction in career activities

  • Improving relationships.


Based on my personal experiences and research, Intuition: The Art of Using Your Sixth Sense was written to show you how to make the most of this greatly under-utilised faculty -- so you can make the right choices, solve problems and explore your life’s potentials with greater ease and confidence.

Paperback (published 2017)

Available from

Magazine Articles

My articles cover a variety of personal growth, spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical subject matter. The following magazines have published my articles over the years:

  • Wellbeing

  • Wellbeing Yoga

  • Australian Yoga Life

  • Nature & Health

The most recent articles have been focussed on the spiritual foundations of yoga and meditation, and ways we can apply its ancient wisdom to the challenges of our troubled world. Here's a list of the latest:

  • ​​"The Heart of Yoga and Meditation" (Wellbeing Yoga, issue 6, Oct 2020)

  • "Yoga for Anxiety and Depression" (AYL, issue 66, March-May 2020)

  • ​"The Heart of Yoga and Meditation" (Wellbeing, issue 185)

  • "Yoga and the Art of Surrender" (AYL, issue 65, Dec 2019 - Feb 2020)

  • "Jnana Yoga: The Way of Wisdom" (AYL, issue 64, Sept - Nov 2019)

  • "Sadhana: Creating a Spiritual Practice" (AYL, issue 63, June-August 2019)

  • "Abhyasa & Vairagya: Yoga's Philosophy of Practice with Non-Attachment"(AYL, issue 62)

  • "Ignite Your Imagination" (Wellbeing, issue 179)

  • "The Philosophy of Om" (AYL, issue 61)

  • "Samskaras: Use Yoga to Free Yourself from Compulsive Thoughts" (AYL, issue 60)

  • "Developing Your Intuition" (AYL, issue 56)

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