JUPITER SHIFTS INTO SAGITTARIUS: A new phase of optimism begins

November 8, 2018

After spending a year or so in the dark waters of Scorpio, Jupiter will finally shift into uplifting Sagittarius tonight at 0.48 am, which I guess is technically tomorrow, 9 November. This heralds the beginning of a new phase, also lasting a year or so, during which the collective mood will become more optimistic and upbeat.


Traditionally the planet of expansion and growth, Jupiter gives us the capacity to see the big picture of situations. This ability was constrained and put to the test during Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio, so Jupiter’s shift into Sagittarius will help you to feel as if the horizons of your life are opening up. If you’ve been finding it hard to envision a bright future, things are about to change.


The message of Jupiter in Sagittarius is: see the world through a wider lens, take a few risks, start a new adventure, set a new long-term goal in motion. And its message to those who are a bit stuck in their comfort zone: have the courage and optimism to leave the safety of familiar places if it helps you achieve your dreams.


We need to treat these expansive energies with wisdom and respect, however. Although it gives us the ability to see life through a wider lens, the downside of Jupiter in Sagittarius can be over-optimism or glossing over important details. There can also be a tendency to feel that our beliefs and attitudes are the “right” ones for everyone. So while Jupiter passes through Sagittarius it’s important to remain sensitive to the thoughts and beliefs of others, and flexible in your opinions.


Overall though, the coming year should bring inspiring motivation to expand your horizons, both physically and mentally. Make plans for the future, support them with confident actions and take a few well-calculated risks if it helps your arrows to reach their target. 


All the best to you for this exciting new phase!


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