VENUS RETROGRADE: A reflective focus on love, relationships and values

October 7, 2018

Yesterday Venus commenced its retrograde motion in Scorpio and the late degrees of Libra. As Venus rules love, relationships, pleasure, aesthetics and money, this signifies the start of a period when we’re urged to re-assess and resolve the past in relation to these matters – so that we can move forward with fresh perspectives when Venus turns direct on 17 November.


During this retrograde period it's good to keep in mind Shakespeare’s immortal words “To thine own self be true”. Circumstances encourage us to assess our relationships and material situation in terms of the degree to which they allow us to be true to our deepest values. It’s an opportunity to reflect, possibly face some harsh facts, and become aware of how we need to shape our future so we can attract the people and things that are truly right for us.


This may result in a bit of “clearing out the dead wood” – particularly as this period mainly features Venus in Scorpio, a sign that relentlessly puts pressure on situations to reveal underlying truths.  


It’s a subtle process though, and Venus is, after all, a benevolent planet, so everything will unfold in a way that's designed to improve the quality of our lives. The only proviso here is that we remember to avoid placing blame on others if we face challenging circumstances during this time. We need to honour the necessity to look within, examine who and what we truly value, and become aware of any changes that need to take place.


For example if you love sunset walks on the beach but your partner complains about “too much Nature”, does this deeply upset you even though you try to make light of it? Or perhaps you’re stuck in a job that goes against your humanitarian values. How much longer can you sustain this inner conflict? Situations and events during the retrograde period will test what really means the most to you in life.


Lovers or friends from the past often reappear during a Venus retrograde period, as there’s often a sense of nostalgia for good times experienced in the past. However if you do experience the pleasure of reconnecting, it may not be the basis for a long-term future together – so keep your feet well planted on the ground.


If a new love interest enters your life during this time, you may have the opportunity to examine past ways of connecting that are no longer working for you, so you can develop new, more fulfilling patterns of relating. This could be a magical window to new ways of experiencing love and profound connection – so keep your heart and mind open!   


Venus also rules financial and aesthetic matters, so its retrograde period is generally not conducive to major changes in your appearance or the purchase of goods or services that improve your surroundings (e.g. home renovations). However it’s a good time to complete any artistic, literary or musical projects that were abandoned in the past, as you’ll have a new perspective on improvements that can be made.  


Overall the Venus retrograde period will bring heightened awareness of any patterns in your ways of relating to others that need to be changed. However the time to make any major changes based on your new awareness is ideally after Venus resumes direct motion on 17 November. Meanwhile you can simply use this time to get to know who and what you need in your life so that you can share your experiences in loving, pleasurable and deeply satisfying ways.  

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