MARS RESUMES DIRECT MOTION: Can you feel the energy shift?

August 27, 2018

In the previous blog we looked at the effects of the two-month retrograde Mars period. Well tomorrow (28 August) this challenging phase finally comes to an end and Mars resumes direct motion! However it’s best not to launch straight into getting new projects off the ground for reasons I’ll explain shortly.  


First let’s look at the fact that during Mars’ retrograde phase, you may have been finding it difficult to get fired up about your current goals and/or choose a new path to follow. I’ve personally experienced a lot of things losing momentum or requiring me to go over old ground. But the retro period has also yielded some experiences and insights for which I’m extremely grateful. 


During the next few weeks, as Mars’ direct motion gains energy and momentum, the re-structuring process that subtly moved things around during the retrograde period will start to bring new life and growth.


However rather than leaping into action when Mars resumes direct motion tomorrow, 28 August, it’s best to take things slowly. The exact nature of the changes you need to make may only be revealed gradually. Although this can create a sense of tension, it’s best to go with the flow of this feeling and trust in the processes taking place.


For example, the Mars retro phase may have revealed an oppressive situation from which you need to free yourself, but the best way to bring this about may not yet be clear.


In her book Retrograde Planets US astrologer Erin Sullivan points out that key insights often come in the period between the station-direct of Mars and the time when it forms a favourable link (known as a trine aspect) with the Sun. In 2018 this Mars-Sun link-up occurs on 28 September. So during the next month or so the best way forward will slowly reveal itself, if there’s an area of your life screaming for change.


Erin Sullivan describes this period (station-direct to Sun trine) as “a period of investigation or anticipation”, which can be characterised by a sense of “tense apprehension”. She points out that our intuition generally functions effectively at this time, and the solution to a problem is often provided by our subconscious mind.


So tuning in to your intuition is the way to go in the following weeks. This includes paying attention to any “messages” it may be trying to convey through your dreams or through particular events or circumstances. (My book Intuition: The Art of Using Your Sixth Sense helps you attune to – and develop – your intuition if you're interested in this field.)


As Mars, our wonderful “energy” planet, gains momentum in the days ahead, remember the universe is orchestrating everything in our lives for the purpose of helping us to blossom, grow and reach our full potential. It has our best interests at heart – always.

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