Mars retro in Aquarius: Working out ways to avoid the battle of “fitting in”

June 26, 2018

The retrograde motion of the planets makes us go over old ground so we can ultimately move forward with fresh perspectives. On 27 June Mars – the planet of drive, energy and passion – turns retrograde in Aquarius until 27 August, encouraging each of us to reconsider the way we create our own unique paths of action.


As Mars is in the sign of Aquarius for most of this period, we’ll find it easier to see if -- and how -- we’ve been blocking our success in life by trying too hard to fit in with conventional ways of doing things.


You can use the Mars retrograde cycle to reflect on your own unique individuality and find the people or environments that best support it. Ideally, you’ll realise you have the inner strength to follow “the road less travelled” when necessary.


However during this two-month period it may be hard to make progress in certain aspects of your life. The energy, motivation and focus previously centred on a relationship, project or goal may dwindle or be challenged in some way. You may find that suppressed feelings of anger, resentment or frustration may surface and need to be worked through.


Launching new projects may be more complicated during a Mars retrograde period. In fact anything that’s initiated during this time generally has to be rethought at a later date.


If this all sounds a bit messy and difficult, never fear! The long-term benefits of Mars retrograde periods are huge – so it’s worth taking the time to deal patiently and diplomatically with each challenge that arises. If circumstances bring up old wounds and frustrations, try to figure out what the deeper issues are and face them with courage… so that you can move forward free from this heavy baggage.


Mars retrograde also encourages us to focus our energies on projects that have been neglected or needing completion. So this two-month period is good for re-working existing or "old" projects -- finally finishing matters from the past. If you have any light-bulb moments regarding a new interest or project, things should go well in terms of initiating plans but not in terms of taking externally directed actions.  


By the time Mars turns direct on 28 August – and particularly in the weeks that follow – you will have freed up huge amounts of energy to utilise constructively in your work, relationships and other areas of life. Mars is retrograde roughly every two years and two months and each of these periods helps us to create healthier goals and approaches to achieving them. With all its frustrations, Mars retrograde clears the path to a more positive future.


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