What's Your Personal Year Number in 2018?

April 26, 2018

From the perspective of numerology your life unfolds in nine-year cycles. Understanding these cycles – and which stage you’re currently experiencing – can be a great advantage in making the most of each year’s potentials. So where are you now in your nine-year cycle?




To find your Personal Year Number, simply add together the numbers of your day and month of birth to the digits in the current year. When there’s more than one digit in the total, reduce this to a single number by adding the digits together.


For example, if a person’s birthday is 25 March you add the day number (25) to the month number (which is 3, as March is the third month of the year); then add these numbers to 2018 as follows: 2 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 21. Reduce this to a single digit, 2 + 1 = 3… and now you know the person would be in a Personal Year Number 3.


Here’s a brief summary of each Personal Year Number so you can get some idea of your year ahead. For more information please see my book Numerology: A Simple Guide to Your Path in Life – available through the BOOKS section of this website and through amazon.com.


Personal Year Number 1


This is the start of a whole new nine-year cycle of your life! It’s time to set new goals and plant the seeds of long-term change. You’ll need to be courageous in your decision-making, as you’re setting strong energies in motion that will have many far-reaching consequences.


Making a career change or starting a new business or creative project – these are some of the possibilities for your new life direction.


Personal Year Number 2


This is a year to nurture the seeds planted last year when you set new goals in motion. The focus changes to your support systems, and it’s time to adapt your new activities or circumstances to fit in with the people who are important in your life.


You need to feel your way into situations more carefully this year, making sure you co-operate with others and take their needs into consideration. New people may enter your life to provide the support you need in attaining your goals.


Personal Year Number 3


Three is the number of growth, so this may be a year when activities or projects started in your Number 1 year have a growth spurt or expand into new opportunities. You may have a more creative and optimistic approach to your work and other facets of life.


The positive mood may lead to a more active social and/or romantic life, and there’s also the potential for travel. However it’s wise to avoid the pitfalls of over-optimism, recklessness and extravagance that the number 3 can manifest at times.


Personal Year Number 4


This is a year to strengthen your foundations in life. In the cycle of growth that started in your Number 1 year, things have reached a stage where consolidation needs to take place – so that whatever is developing in your life can withstand the tests of time.


It’s a year to be efficient, practical and determined – a time to knuckle down and tackle the nitty gritty of any problems obstructing your progress. There’s a strong urge to create long-term stability and security (financial and otherwise).


Personal Year Number 5


After the practical focus of last year, it’s time to free things up a bit and experience greater variety and change. You may make new friends and contacts, move house, take up a new course of study, try new experiences or travel to places you’ve never been to before.


There’s a focus on communicating, sharing information and being part of the action. In terms of the projects started in your Number 1 year, this may be a year to diversify your activities and make adjustments that allow further progress.


Personal Year Number 6


This year there’s a focus on relationships, stability and facing your responsibilities. After the variety and change of the previous year, the Number 6 year brings you back down to earth – but in a way that allows you to appreciate your loved ones or bring new love into your life.  


Emotional issues may need to be sorted out, and if you’re in a relationship that’s no longer working, this can actually be a time of separation or divorce. Family matters, home life and healing long-term emotional or physical problems become important.


Personal Year Number 7


Circumstances bring a more private, reflective and spiritual focus during a Number 7 year. You may feel the urge to seek a deeper, more intuitive approach to life, and the Universe seems to magically support you on this inner journey.


You may be drawn to the study of metaphysical, philosophical or spiritual subjects, and feel more closely attuned to the natural world. The purpose of this reflective year is to develop your inner resources and its rewards will manifest outwardly in the year that follows.


Personal Year Number 8


There are strong energies at work for you this year, and you’ll need to use these energies with a deep sense of purpose. In terms of the nine-year growth cycle, the Number 8 year is a time when long-term efforts pay off – providing you’ve stayed on-track with your goals.


However this is also a year when circumstances challenge your ability to persevere with these goals. If you handle this year with a sense of responsibility and commitment, much will be achieved and many things in your life will be strengthened – including your role in the external world.


Personal Year Number 9


This is the final phase of your nine-year cycle! It’s a year to bring projects to completion, release things that are no longer working and allow future possibilities to simmer on the back-burner.


Circumstances may encourage you to let go of any situations, people or personal habits that are inhibiting your future development. If you allow this to happen, the tide of life will be with you next year, when a new cycle begins.


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