What kind of questions lead to the best Tarot guidance?

April 13, 2018



It's always good to remember that the Tarot can’t make our decisions for us. For this reason it’s best to avoid questions that deflect responsibility, including questions that require a “Yes” or “No” answer, questions beginning with “Should I…?” or “Should we…?” or questions focussed on timing such as “When will I find…?”


Questions that focus on the "What" and "How" aspects of a situation tend to produce more helpful insight in readings. For example:

“What do I need to understand about my current situation?”

“What is the purpose or lesson behind the challenges I’m facing?”

“How can I improve my chances of success in…?”

“How can I improve my relationship with…?”

“What can I do to help…?”


In other words, questions that show the possibilities and options available to you - and how you can learn and grow from current circumstances - invite the Tarot’s most constructive and inspiring wisdom.


However, let me share with you something interesting. If you're not sure what question to ask in a Tarot reading, it's often very helpful to simply discuss the situation needing insight - in a focussed way - and then see what emerges when the cards are laid out. 


Remember that the most important factor, as far as the Tarot is concerned, is attuning to the energies of the present moment. Its magic is to reflect back to you these energies and provide advice that helps you deal with circumstances in the most effective way.


For example if you need to change your approach to an issue, person or event, the Tarot provides subtle clues as to the type of approach that will work. Or if energies are currently blocked in a particular area of your life, it will make you aware that this is the case and offer guidance on how you can free up those energies. 


So the Tarot can provide the insight you need even without a question - as long as you focus strongly on the situation needing guidance just before the cards are laid out!

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