THE NUMEROLOGY OF 2018: Maximising Its Potentials in Daily Life

January 9, 2018

What a year we have ahead of us! 2018 offers enormous potential for creating a more humane world, both on personal and global levels. There’s a change of focus from last year’s self-assertive Universal Year number 1 to the gentler energies of 2018’s Universal Year number 2. This softens the lens through which we perceive the world – helping us to develop a more supportive, co-operative approach.


The strong influence of the 2 this year encourages more sensitive, intuitive interactions with each other. We will achieve the best results by becoming more receptive to the feelings and ideas of others rather than pushing our own needs to the forefront.


Incidentally the Universal Year is calculated by adding the year’s numbers together: i.e. for 2018 we add together 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11, then add the latter numbers to give the digit 2. I should mention here that the initial total of 11 is also important, as it shows the need for initiative and innovation (qualities of the 1) in creating the greater mutual support signalled by the 2. 


As we’re in the early stages of a new millennium (years 2000 to 2999) dominated by the 2, this year should be highly significant in terms of human evolution. We should see a more co-operative approach at all levels – which will influence personal, local, national and international relationships. This won’t happen overnight of course, but as the year unfolds we should see definite progress towards a more peaceful, humane world. Hopefully it won’t take too many crises to make this happen, as the “we’re-in-this-together” energies of the 2 often become stronger in response to natural and man-made disasters.


What about the zero in 2018?  This mysterious digit reflects the deep, unseen power of new energies slowly forming in our collective unconscious. It also highlights the need for each of us to dig deeply into our own inner resources during this time of intense change. As the planet grapples with climate change, dwindling natural resources, nuclear threats and other crises, we can no longer function through an approach that waits for someone else to make things right.


It’s also interesting to look at the number 18 in 2018. In numerology this number combines the initiative of the 1 with the 8’s talent for directing energies into a specific goal – so it could be a great year for setting big plans into motion. The 1 and the 8 add together to give 9, a digit that encourages you to step back, see the big picture of things and re-assess your situation. So this is an ideal year to make much-needed improvements in your life, and perhaps help others to do so as well.


Probably the main thing this year, though, is to stay attuned to the other-oriented energies of the 2. Enjoy sharing your feelings, ideas and experiences with others. Remember the old saying: Joy shared is double joy; grief shared is half-grief.


I hope the year unfolds in inspiring and fulfilling ways for you!

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