MY NEW BLOG: The power of imagination

October 3, 2017

Welcome to my new blog! From now on the articles will focus on helping you tap into your inner resources for constructive change. This week we look at the power of imagination – an incredible resource most of us take for granted.


I’m sure you’re already aware that your imagination can work for or against you, depending on the types of images it produces in your mind. It can inspire you to explore life’s infinite possibilities and support you in attaining your goals – or it can allow your anxieties and fears to inhibit your growth and progress.


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and imagine the worst possible outcome for a situation that’s been bothering you? You’re not alone. But we need to remind ourselves that we can also use our imagination to free ourselves from this self-made prison.


What I’m saying here is that you can train your imagination to work in your favour by regularly imagining what fulfilment would feel and look like for you in the area where you need to make changes. The idea is to picture or visualise wonderful outcomes in your mind’s eye, preferably while in a relaxed or meditative state, as described by Shakti Gawain in her wonderful little book Creative Visualisation (1978). Most of us have the ability to do this, but often we don’t realise it or simply forget we have this power!


For example, what would be some of the crucial elements of a fulfilling career role for you? Would you love the inspiration of creative activities, the thrill of performance, or the initiative of leading the way for others? (There are lots of other possibilities of course.)


If your main goal is to find a meaningful relationship, try to imagine how it would feel to share your life with another person in ways that are important to you. Would you enjoy discussing stimulating ideas, experimenting with new recipes, travelling together or simply delighting in the little daily gestures of love?


The ability to dip into the rich treasures of your imagination helps you attune to energies that bring the things you desire. How does this take place? Well, if you regularly visualise the outcomes you truly desire, your subconscious mind is gradually persuaded that attaining your goal is possible. When “convinced” in this way, it's stimulated to tap into the resources needed to realise your goal.


Your intuition also plays an important role here, acting as a sort of messenger between the subconscious and conscious parts of your mind. It tunes into, and alerts you to, opportunities in the external world that match the images or thoughts created in your mind.


Please give creative visualisation a try if you haven't already done so! I hope you discover the power of your imagination in the process.  xox


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