September 18, 2017

The week starts with a linkup between pleasure-loving Venus and the planet of change, Uranus – so you may feel the urge to break free of a situation that has been limiting you in some way and make a fresh start. Alternatively you may simply be drawn to unusual, innovative or exciting experiences.


On Wednesday we have the VIRGO NEW MOON and on the same day Venus also enters Virgo, bringing a strong urge to make improvements in your own life or help others to do so. Mercury and Mars are also in Virgo, so the detail-oriented, practical energies of this sign will influence all of our activities. Ironically however, a Mercury-Neptune opposition comes into the picture this week, making it difficult to pin things down and express oneself clearly. There may be plenty of misunderstandings or even deceptive situations taking place due to this clouding of Virgo’s normally sharp lens of perception.   


The Sun’s entry into Libra on Saturday brings the urge for harmony and enjoyment of relationships. But for the last few days there has also been an unfolding Mercury-Pluto contact that encourages deep levels of thought and communication, so the usually light Libra influence may have a heavier sub-tone on the weekend. 


In fact by Sunday the mood may be quite heavy and confusing, as we are building up to next week’s testing Mars-Neptune and Mercury-Saturn influences. It’s wise to face responsibilities, yet factor-in possible confusion or undermining circumstances. Take things slowly and keep your expectations fairly low! Remember the wise saying: “This too shall pass”.   

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