September 4, 2017

The good news this week is that Mercury finally returns to direct motion on Wednesday, bringing its three-week retrograde period to an end.


Gradually picking up speed, it will take a further couple of weeks (known as the shadow period) for it to reach the point where it originally turned retrograde. During the shadow period, we may continue to experience subtle effects related to issues that were brought up during the retrograde period.


Projects held up due to missing or confused information – or other communication-related problems – will slowly get back on track when Mercury resumes direct motion. Making progress with all forms of communication and information exchange is easier.


However you may still feel a little confused from time to time, as you slowly integrate and absorb things you learned during the retrograde period. And although there may be the urge to launch fresh activities, it may be advisable to start new projects when the shadow period is over. 


Delaying fresh new starts is particularly advisable early in the week as a tricky Sun-Neptune link on Tuesday may cause confusion by blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.


This takes place just before Wednesday’s FULL MOON IN PISCES, an event that will highlight the contrast between imaginative, intuitive ways of seeing the world and rational, analytical viewpoints. It may help to take an objective stance that respects both approaches.


Meanwhile a Sun-Pluto link on Saturday, which builds gradually throughout the week, motivates strong, transformational action. We may feel compelled to make powerful moves towards accomplishing our goals, in spite of the confusing influences that surround Wednesday’s Full Moon.


Take time to reflect before you take action this week. It may be the key to mastering the potentially conflicting planetary energies.

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