August 27, 2017

Tuesday marks the FIRST QUARTER PHASE of the Moon’s cycle, a time when lunar power assists progress with any project commenced since the New Moon (which in this case occurred on 22 August). The Sagittarius Moon from Tuesday until Thursday further encourages this progress by providing a mood of optimism and confidence.


Although the shake-up of last week’s Total Solar Eclipse created a sense of instability for many of us, this week gives us a green light for constructive action. As well as the above-mentioned lunar assistance, we have the innovative thrust of Mars-Uranus to give momentum to our projects and plans.


Meanwhile retrograde Mercury joins Venus and Mars in self-expressive Leo, adding the fire of creative passion to our ideas, projects and relationships. Mercury and Mars actually unite on Sunday – just in time for Father’s Day – and while this has the potential to bring warmth and energy to family get-togethers, the downside could be defensive or argumentative tendencies at times.


As we’re slowly moving towards a tricky Sun-Neptune contact next week, there’s also the potential for misunderstandings on the weekend. Try to communicate as clearly as possible, particularly as retrograde Mercury could add to the confusion.


All in all though, this week has lots of positive potential for constructive change. Just remember to keep in mind the big picture of how your actions affect others, as Mars is in focus this week and could make each of us a bit selfish at times. Have a great week!

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