August 21, 2017

The big celestial event this week is the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on Tuesday, which coincides with the Leo New Moon. Although New Moons are generally associated with new beginnings, the Solar Eclipse at this time suggests that each of us may need to let something go before a new start can be made. 


Eclipses are catalysts for change. Disrupting the normal electromagnetic pattern of the Sun-Moon field, eclipses similarly tend to disrupt the status quo in our lives. Issues, goals and urges that have been struggling for our attention find a way to come to the forefront.


Our energy levels can be low around the time of an eclipse (solar eclipses in particular seem to affect our vitality) and some people tend to feel confused or disoriented at this time. However there’s no cause for alarm. Eclipses are simply times to let go of things that aren’t working well for us (people, situations or patterns/habits of thought or behaviour) and allow new opportunities to enter our lives.


The planetary aspects this week encourage expansive action (Mars-Jupiter), focussed productivity (Mars-Saturn), and innovative thinking (Sun-Uranus and Venus-Uranus). Business planet Saturn goes direct on Saturday after several months in retrograde motion, allowing gradual progress to be made in business activities and other projects that have been held back for various reasons.


Mercury retrograde encourages a reflective approach throughout all of this, helping us to make sure the changes we make (due to the eclipse “shake-up”) are the right ones.

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