August 14, 2017


On Monday Mercury begins its three-week retrograde phase. Mercury rules communication, information, technology, transport and commerce – areas of life on which so many of our activities are hinged. So when Mercury turns retrograde every 4 months, causing these things to go a bit haywire for about 3 weeks, it can have a major impact on our work, relationships and other areas of life.


It’s common to experience delays, confusion, misunderstandings and the need to re-do things during the retrograde period. Computers and other communication devices often break down at this time and information is often mislaid or affected by glitches of some kind. Remember to do your computer back-ups and take copies of anything important you’re working on.


However contrary to the hype surrounding Mercury retrograde, this needn’t be a difficult time at all – unless we struggle against the prevailing energies rather than going with the flow of them.


The main thing to understand is that retrograde Mercury tends to function in a more introverted, indirect way than usual. And there are valuable benefits to be gained from this.

When Mercury is retrograde the intuitive side of our brain becomes more active, allowing us to access wisdom that has been lying dormant in our subconscious mind. This releases us from the domination of our conscious mind and allows us to holistically re-charge our mental batteries.


During this period a variety of circumstances encourage us to reflect, reconnect with situations from the past and find ways to do things more simply or with greater awareness. It’s a great time to become conscious of things you’ve been ignoring or failing to fully understand.


If there’s unfinished business that’s been preventing you from moving forward, circumstances at this time seem to help you face – and deal with – these issues or situations. The key here is your attitude. If you can remain flexible and open, knowing that everything is happening for a good reason, you’ll see how Mercury retrograde is in fact working in your favour.


Anything that has re attached to it tends to be effective during these periods: re-do, review, revise, reorganise, rewrite, restore, replace, repair, reschedule or renovate, for example. It’s also a great time to catch up with emails, edit written work (writers take note!), reconnect with past clients and colleagues, and conduct research into areas where you need more information. As you can imagine, all of these activities can have a huge impact on your work productivity.


So if you take the time to go within, deal with any issues that surface, and pay attention to how you communicate and gather information, Mercury retrograde can be a great time to re-charge many aspects of your life.


Just remember that it’s not a particularly good time to initiate new projects. Even though you may discover new ways to do things or open up future possibilities, it’s best to wait until the retrograde phase is over before actually making a new start on anything. Retro Mercury is also traditionally considered an inopportune time to sign contracts.


We are also in the somewhat de-stabilising period between the Lunar Eclipse (last Tuesday) and the Solar Eclipse (next Tuesday), so remember to take it easy, look after your health and nurture your emotional wellbeing – as well as the wellbeing of your loved ones!

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