August 7, 2017

The big event this week is the Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE on Tuesday. Circumstances around the time of an eclipse urge us to let go of things that aren’t working well for us (people, situations or thought patterns and behaviour) and reflect on new possibilities for our lives.


Tuesday’s eclipse occurs at the Aquarius Full Moon and will be followed by a Solar Eclipse at the Leo New Moon on 22 August. It’s wise to postpone a major event like a wedding or the start of a new business until after the two-week period between eclipses.


An eclipse season is usually characterised by a feeling of instability or confusion, and for this reason it’s also wise to postpone making a major decision of any kind at this time. New information often comes to light after the eclipse season that helps to clarify the direction you need to take.


The week also features helpful planetary links that foster harmonious communication (Mercury-Venus on Thursday), expansive self-expression (Sun-Jupiter on Friday) and creative, imaginative, romantic or spiritual activities (Venus-Neptune on Saturday).


Grounding, relaxing activities are recommended during eclipse periods, as well as plenty of time for quiet reflection. Take care and have a great week!

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