July 30, 2017

The week starts with the Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio. It’s the First Quarter phase of the Moon’s cycle, a time when lunar power assists progress with any project commenced since the New Moon (which occurred on 23 July). The Scorpio Moon’s tenacity helps to ensure this progress takes place.


On Tuesday Venus moves into nurturing Cancer, where it will stay until the end of August. The importance of home, family and emotional support will be emphasised.


The planet of change, Uranus, turns retrograde on Friday – creating an important shift of the planet’s innovative energies into a more reflective mode. It will remain in retro motion for the rest of the year, giving each of us plenty of time to free ourselves from facets of life that are inhibiting change.


The retrograde shift of Uranus may create a temporary feeling of instability – and this atmosphere could be intensified by two factors. Firstly Saturday’s Jupiter-Pluto square tends to create edgy, emotionally forceful energies. And secondly we’re building up to next week’s unsettling lunar eclipse. However there’s always potential to use difficult energies productively, and thankfully the Moon in Capricorn on the weekend helps us to stay grounded and practical.  


Take care and stay motivated by your long-term goals – have a great week!

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