July 23, 2017

On Monday we start to feel the energies of the previous night’s Leo New Moon. This is a good time to plant seeds for your goals and projects, particularly those concerned with expressing your creative drives or placing yourself in the limelight in some way (Leo’s forte).


Both the Sun and Mars recently entered the sign of Leo, and these two planets reach a dynamic union on Thursday, creating a strong energy surge that starts to build from Monday onwards. It’s wise to channel this into decisive action of some kind, even though a Venus-Saturn contact early in the week may bring feelings of insecurity and doubt (particularly in relationships).


The influence of Uranus this week makes it easier to think outside the box. Whereas last week Uranus was creating pressure to bring about change, this week its planetary links facilitate the actual making of these changes. Its link with Mercury stimulates innovative ideas and later in the week it forms a contact with Venus that creates a flair for the unusual – both in relationships and artistic activities.  


The other planetary news is that on Wednesday Mercury enters detail-oriented Virgo, where it will have a prolonged visit that lasts until 30 September. This will encourage meticulous, organised thinking and ideas that are geared towards improvement. It’s wise to make sure we use these energies in kind and thoughtful ways, rather than giving in to the critical tendencies of Virgo.


All in all though, there are some very positive energies for us to use in our endeavours this week – have a good one!

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