July 17, 2017

This week features the edgy, erratic energies of Uranus. Like the flower bursting through the fence in the image here, you may feel like breaking free from a situation, a person or a place that seems to be holding you back.


All of this stems from the healthy need to keep growing and changing in life – but we need to handle these energies with care due to the unpredictable nature of Uranus.


Friction between Mars and Uranus on Tuesday makes it a good idea to avoid rash or overly assertive behaviour early in the week. Take things slowly so as to avoid accidents. Meanwhile the Sun’s challenging contact with Uranus builds gradually throughout the week, possibly causing a tendency to over-react to situations. Remember to stay calm, breathe deeply and see things from an objective point of view if possible.


The thing about Uranus is that its energies need to be channelled into constructive change. They are there for a reason and not just to make us feel irritable and nervy! Fortunately we have the added influence of Neptune – inspiring us to imagine creative solutions – as well as a dose of serious Saturn to help us take control of the energies through practical, constructive ideas.


Another helpful factor this week is the beautiful meeting between harmony-oriented Venus and expansive Jupiter. This influence guides us to frame the energies of change within the loving context of our relationships – with each other, with the communities in which we live, and with the planet that constantly strives to hold everything together for us.


The Leo New Moon on Sunday night may be a good time to plant the seeds of creative, generous, loving change. Action planet Mars links up with the Moon at this time, so it’s worth taking the time to channel this strong energy into positive new beginnings!


All the best with your efforts to make the most of the planets’ influences this week!

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