July 9, 2017

The lingering influence of last Sunday’s intense Full Moon continues to be felt in the early part of the week. An opposition between the Sun and Pluto on Monday creates added tension, so it’s a good idea to simply focus on your goals, avoid involvement in power plays and gracefully let go of anything that doesn’t seem to be working at this time.


It may be wise to avoid planning anything special on Monday around late morning or early afternoon as there’s a disruptive Moon-Uranus contact that makes things feel even more edgy – people could get irritable and touchy.


On Wednesday there’s a business-like contact between the Moon and Saturn from mid- to late-morning that’s great for business meetings and making progress with projects. 


From mid-week until Sunday the general mood is quite expansive and optimistic, thanks to a fortunate contact between Mercury and Jupiter. This is a great time for uplifting communication, exchanging ideas and seeing the big picture of any situation.


The Moon in Aries on Saturday and Sunday is likely to create an action-packed weekend. The “me-first”, impulsive tendencies of Aries need to be handled with care however – to avoid arguments and accidents. This is particularly important in the light of next week’s disruptive Uranus energies, which are already starting to build up on the weekend.


Take care and have a great week!

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