July 2, 2017

This week features innovative, creative, expansive energies that may help you to see things from a new perspective. This is largely due to the Sun’s links with inspiring Neptune and optimistic Jupiter, which are exact on Thursday but influence our mood for most of the week.


The planet of ideas and communication, Mercury, has a somewhat challenging contact with Uranus on Wednesday. Although this brings the innovative energies mentioned above, the unpredictability of Uranus could also spark unsettling, irrational or simply unexpected communications, particularly in the early days of the week.


Incidentally the Moon in Scorpio on Monday and Tuesday is great for focus and deep insight. However extreme emotional reactions and defensiveness are common while the Moon is in this sign, so take care to channel your feelings into constructive activity.  


The good news for communication in general is that Mercury moves from Cancer into warm-hearted Leo on Thursday, ushering in a three-week period when it will be easier to express yourself in dynamic, extroverted and creative ways. Harmonious and enjoyable communication is also encouraged by Mercury’s contact with Venus on Friday and this influence will still be around as we move towards Sunday’s CAPRICORN FULL MOON.


This Full Moon is quite intense, however, as the Moon joins deeply penetrating Pluto in the serious sign of Capricorn. You may feel compelled to face challenging feelings concerned with your goals and/or business plans. This may result in a healthy “rooting out” of things that aren’t working and an instinct to build strong foundations for the future.  

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