June 25, 2017

This week combines the inspiring, creative influence of Neptune with potentially aggressive energies that need to be channelled constructively. We need to stay grounded and function from a place of love -- which might sound corny but you'll know what I'm talking about by the end of the week! 


Communication planet Mercury is very busy at this time, forming contacts with Neptune, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. While Neptune and Jupiter encourage positive, empathic communication early in the week, by mid-week the more challenging influence of aggressive Mars and power-sensitive Pluto will start to take over.


This means that each of us needs to be very careful how we communicate. You may find you have to work quite hard to resist feelings such as suspicion or resentment in the latter days of the week.


As last Saturday was the Cancer New Moon, the projects we set in motion this week will reach the turning point of the First Quarter Moon on Saturday, 1 July. While this is the lunar phase when determination brings progress, the challenging energies of this First Quarter require an extra dose of commitment to our goals.


So hang in there, maintain an inspiring vision of the future, and make every effort to avoid confrontation with others. This is particularly important as Mars and Pluto face off against each other on Sunday – a forceful influence that gradually builds throughout the week. If you need to take a stand, do so with humility and objectivity. This may require great effort but the Moon in Libra (for most of the weekend) helps us to bring some “peace and love” into the picture.  

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