June 11, 2017

This is not the week to make any major changes or decisions. Even though Mercury’s positive contact with Jupiter may make you feel expansive and confident early in the week, a sense of uncertainty or even confusion gradually creeps into the picture due to a tricky Mercury-Neptune linkup on Wednesday. Take care to avoid misunderstandings and fuzzy thinking.


Meanwhile the sobering influence of the Sun’s opposition to Saturn creates an increasing sense of restriction, which peaks on Thursday and will gradually fade in the following days. Saturn urges us to face our responsibilities and if you can handle this week’s energies with self-discipline, self-restraint and perseverance, your efforts can eventually turn frustration into a productive week.


On Saturday Neptune – the planet of inspiration and idealism – changes to retrograde motion for five months. This creates a subtle shift that helps each of us to contact the wisdom of our subconscious mind and reassess our dreams for the future. While there may be times of confusion during Neptune’s five-month retrograde period, this is a fertile period for inner reflection, flashes of intuitive insight and spiritual development.


Neptune helps us to dissolve boundaries, and hopefully the more introverted influence of its retrograde phase will bring greater collective awareness of planet Earth’s interconnected webs of relationships – perhaps ultimately bringing progress with issues such as climate change.


On Friday and Saturday the Moon in Pisces (the sign ruled by Neptune) adds to the strength of Neptune’s somewhat dreamy influence. However the mood changes on Sunday, when the Moon shifts into action-oriented Aries and you may start to feel a bit restless due to the building influence of next week’s planetary influences.

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