May 29, 2017

The first half of this week features the strong influence of Mars, the planet of energy, action and drive. However on Monday Mars opposes serious Saturn, creating a restricting effect that may inhibit your ability to move things forward.


Perseverance pays off at this time – so if you hang in there (without forcing things) there’s the potential to make great progress eventually.


By Wednesday the energies of Mars will be freed up by its contact with Uranus. You may receive new insights into constructive changes you can make. There’s the potential for these insights to touch something deep within your soul, because on the same day Mercury forms a helpful link with Pluto.


As the week progresses the influence of Venus gradually takes over, lifting the general mood. You will feel appreciation for the solid relationships in your life (Venus-Saturn on Friday) then – interestingly – the following day there may be an urge to experience new, more unusual ways of relating to others (Venus-Uranus on Saturday).


The weekend brings an optimistic and confident outlook, thanks to the Sun’s helpful contact with expansive Jupiter. The Moon is in co-operative Libra, encouraging harmonious interactions and bringing the subtle breeze of romance into the air.


However it’s wise to take into account that appearances may be a bit deceptive at this time due to the building influence of Monday's Sun-Neptune contact (discussed further in next week’s Astro Guide). This doesn’t mean that you should lie low and avoid the weekend’s positive potential for enjoying relationships – just take things slowly, enjoy yourself, but avoid making long-term decisions if possible.  



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