May 21, 2017

In the lead-up to Friday’s New Moon, it’s best to consolidate existing projects rather than start  new ones – even though the Moon in Aries on Monday and Tuesday has a fresh, action-packed type of energy.


On Thursday the Moon is void-of-course the whole day, so this is definitely not a good time for decision-making, major purchases or starting anything new.


Then at last, early on Friday morning, we have the GEMINI NEW MOON – a time to plant seeds for new projects concerned with communication and productive connections within familiar environments. As Friday happens to be National Sorry Day in Australia it’s a good time to reflect on ways to improve relations between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians – so that appreciation of Aboriginal culture and improved integration can become a shared goal.


Our ability to create an inspiring vision for the future is assisted by an imaginative, intuitive Mercury-Neptune link on Sunday. On a personal level, you can also use this influence for heightened creativity and the ability to appreciate subtleties of any kind. The Moon in Cancer on the same day further increases intuition and imagination.


However there are two other planetary influences occurring around this time that may inhibit the uplifting potential of the above factors. Firstly Friday’s tricky link between Venus and Pluto – which tends to magnify resentment and control issues – may spill over onto the weekend and take time to simmer down.


The second challenging influence is from a Mars-Saturn opposition, which technically isn’t exact until Monday but will make its presence felt during the weekend. This opposition has a restrictive push-pull effect that can bring obstacles and delays. However if you work with these energies and persevere patiently without forcing things, your efforts can eventually be highly productive.




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