May 12, 2017


This is a wonderful week for making progress with your goals, projects and plans – particularly those involving some kind of innovation or inventive, original approach.


We have the combined influence of Saturn and Uranus to thank for this window of opportunity. Both planets are in fire signs, so taking action through inspired insight is the key!


Saturn helps us to be more self-disciplined and organised, while Uranus opens our mind to new, progressive ideas. So you can reap the benefits of their influence this week by “knuckling under”, taking constructive action and allowing new insights to shape your activities. 


Interestingly, the signs that these two planets rule – Capricorn and Aquarius – also feature this week, with the Moon in Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday, and the Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. This lunar influence helps us to take a grounded approach early in the week, and progress to a more innovative outlook as the week unfolds.


Mercury’s entry into earthy Taurus for a three weeks helps to provide a practical perspective on all this, but we may have to consciously avoid staying inside the comfort zone that Taurus loves. Fortunately on Sunday the Sun enters the airy mental realm of Gemini, encouraging us to be more flexible and open to change.


On the weekend you may feel the urge to simply enjoy the pleasures of life due to the combined influence of Venus and Jupiter. But take care to avoid over-indulging as these two planets are actually opposing each other and therefore need a relatively detached perspective.


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