April 23, 2017


With the Sun now in Taurus until 21 May there’s a general urge to create the comfort and stability normally associated with down-to-earth Taurus. Every year the energies of Taurus help us to consolidate the projects and plans started by the initiating forces of the Aries period (21 March – 19 April). And although this Taurus influence is taking place, later in the week there’s a bit of a shake-up that’s likely to produce an unexpected turn of events.


But let’s take things one step at a time. The week starts with a productive contact between Mercury and business-like Saturn that helps us knuckle under and make progress with our work and personal projects.


Then Wednesday’s Taurus New Moon encourages us to make practical plans that enhance and improve our resources (material and otherwise). Neptune’s link with this New Moon helps inspire imaginative ideas that contribute to the seeds we sew at this time. 


However as the week progresses a somewhat restless undercurrent will unfold. This is due to the fact that Mercury’s retrograde motion has caused it to return to its volatile meeting with Uranus (first experienced on 14 April). Mercury-Uranus contacts can create disruptive events that are wake-up calls for the changes we need to make in our lives. As Mercury is retrograde, these changes may involve our thought patterns and ways of communicating. Although Mercury’s union with Uranus isn’t exact until Saturday its influence will gradually increase throughout the week.


We may need to make a conscious effort to relate to others in kind and thoughtful ways throughout all this – particularly as Venus returns to forceful, impatient Aries on Friday and Mercury and Uranus are also in Aries.


However if you can manage to use these energies constructively there’s a good chance you’ll receive “breakthrough” insights that bring truly beneficial changes to your life. Remember that planetary influences are always designed to promote our growth and wellbeing in the long run!

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