April 3, 2017


Keep on track with your goals this week – there are strong energies available due to a link-up between powerful Mars and Pluto. These planets help us find the passion and endurance to overcome obstacles as we move towards the attainment of our goals. If channelled constructively, this influence can move mountains. If utilised negatively however, the desire to succeed or force issues at any cost can result in destructive behaviour.


This fortunately comes around the time of the First Quarter Moon, a phase associated with moving forward with projects that have already been started. On Wednesday and Thursday the Moon in Leo has the potential to inject a surge of creativity into the picture.


However these dynamic energies become somewhat inhibited by Friday when Saturn, the planet of responsibility and ambition, turns retrograde for about four months. During this period Saturn’s influence turns inwards, helping us to “firm up” our sense of our social role on inner levels. We will feel subtly pressured to align our ambitions with who we really are. This might all sound very serious, but whatever we face and deal with during the Saturn retrograde period will give us a huge boost in making our plans a reality in the external world when Saturn turns direct in August.


This truly is a week to knuckle under and focus on our work and commitments. Even the weekend has serious tone, with a Venus-Saturn link-up putting the focus on practicality and responsibility rather than having fun. The weekend also features a challenging Sun-Pluto factor that urges us to resist involvement in power plays and work towards meaningful change. Although Jupiter’s influence helps to provide optimism at this time, the downside could be a tendency to magnify issues that arise.


Take care this week, and move gently but firmly towards your goals while supporting the wellbeing of others. Everything happens for a reason and by next week you will be a stronger and wiser person!  



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