March 22, 2017


On Monday there’s a window of opportunity regarding your ability to combine intuition with the ability to think outside the square – thanks to the sensitive Pisces Moon and the meeting between Mercury and innovative Uranus.  


This may come in handy as the following day we have the dynamic ARIES NEW MOON – one of the year’s major astrological events. The two weeks following the Aries New Moon each year provide a great opportunity to set new projects in motion. With five planets now in assertive Aries you may feel fired with enthusiasm – motivated to actualise ideas that have been on the back-burner for days, weeks or even months. (Remember to keep the Aries tendency towards forcefulness and impatience under control as you take these important initiatives.)


Beneficial Mars-Neptune and Mercury-Saturn contacts help us to combine creativity and imagination with down-to-earth practicality this week. However there may be a feeling of tension in the background – probably resulting in increased global unrest – as Jupiter urges us to expand our horizons despite (or because of) Pluto’s exposure of hidden truths. The initiatives we’re taking may seem to be tested by external pressures, distorted views or destructive behaviour (our own or others’!). But if you can stay positive during this time, great progress can be made in getting new projects off the ground.   


Mercury’s entry into Taurus on Saturday helps us to remain grounded and committed to our goals. The Gemini Moon lightens the atmosphere on the weekend, so take time to enjoy relaxed conversations and good food with friends or family. Remember to turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday morning as Daylight Savings ends. 

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