March 22, 2017

The Sun’s entry into Aries on Monday night signals the Autumn Equinox – one of two annual occasions when day and night are of equal length. Happy Equinox!

With four planets in Aries this week, the energies support our ability to take initiative and act independently with our own personal goals uppermost in our mind. Just take care that the negative side of Aries – selfishness, impatience and forcefulness – doesn’t take over!


The Moon in Capricorn from Tuesday until Thursday afternoon increases the focus on our goals and ambitions. There may be a rather serious tone during this time, not only because of Capricorn’s knuckle-down-and-work-hard influence, but also because we’re building up to a challenging Mercury-Pluto contact on Friday. The latter often causes people to keep their cards close to their chest, and you may feel like keeping a low profile.


However Mercury-Pluto can create the drive to go deeply into an issue, rooting out possible causes of a problem that’s blocking our progress. It could also give you the determination to communicate your awareness to others so that constructive changes can be made.


By Friday we may have to be very careful how we relate to others, as communication planet Mercury – not only troubled by inward-looking Pluto – is also opposed by Jupiter, exaggerating any communication difficulties we experience.


On Saturday the Sun joins Venus, which might sound romantic, but as they’re both now in Aries the tendency to be overly assertive or even forceful may have to be curbed. With Venus still retrograde, there may be a rehashing of old issues from the past.


Fortunately on Saturday night the Moon’s shift into sensitive Pisces may dissolve tensions a bit and this influence continues throughout Sunday as well. If it’s been a difficult week for you, it might be beneficial to spend time by the sea on Sunday – or enjoy some gentle, soulful music to help your spirit return to wholeness. Sunday night is blessed with a Moon-Neptune contact that further helps to soften the mood. You may receive intuitive insights into the best course of action regarding a situation that troubled you during the past few days.

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