March 5, 2017


The week starts with the Virgo Full Moon, which unlike most full moons, has a low-key, rather serious tone due to the lingering presence of yesterday’s Saturn-Mercury contact. Although the improvement-oriented influence of the Virgo Moon makes this a time when we benefit from a practical approach, the Pisces Sun encourages us to keep an awareness of life’s mystery and magic in our minds and hearts as we go about our daily activities.


Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication, moves into assertive Aries – urging us to be direct and take the initiative in relating to others. As Venus is also in Aries, we might benefit from taking care not to become too pushy or aggressive in situations where issues arise.


From Thursday through to Saturday morning the Moon in Scorpio may cause to you to reflect deeply on your life. The Scorpio Moon can amplify the darker side of any situation and this could be challenging as it occurs during a Sun-Saturn influence that urges us to deal with our responsibilities. However self-discipline and perseverance during this time will eventually pay off, so hang in there!


A beneficial union between Mercury and Venus on Saturday helps us communicate our ideas and feelings effectively, but as they’re both in feisty Aries it’s wise to avoid confrontations. And although the Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday afternoon and Sunday provides a mood lifting, expansive influence, its foot-in-mouth tendencies may push repressed feelings out in the open. So take great care in communications of all kinds. Remember to breathe deeply and take time to respond rather than react.

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