March 5, 2017


The week starts with a beneficial Mars-Saturn connection that helps us to feel disciplined, responsible and in control. This can be a great advantage in taking practical steps towards achieving your goals.


There’s also a union between the Sun and Mercury (both in intuitive Pisces) that gently urges us to be sensitive and compassionate in our communication with others. This helps to soften the somewhat abrasive edge created by the current journey of Venus and Mars through the feisty sign of Aries.


On Friday Mars moves from Aries to spend a few weeks in the earthy, peace-loving sign of Taurus – a sign that can make us feel that things are fine as they are. You may be more cautious about moving into new territory or starting something new. Getting projects off the ground might take longer while Mars is in Taurus, but this influence helps us to persevere so that our actions are solidly rooted in reality.


Venus – now retrograde for a few weeks and therefore retracing old ground – remains in Aries for a prolonged stay. The planet of love is usually reflective while in retrograde motion, but while it’s in Aries there may be a tendency to force issues that arise. We may have to work a little harder at resolving situations in diplomatic ways.


Also this week secretive Pluto steps into the picture, causing us to reflect deeply on our lives and relationships. With both the Sun and Mercury forming beneficial links with Pluto, this has the positive potential to help you get rid of any old patterns of communication that aren’t working for you – and transform them into constructive new ways of functioning.


However a challenging meeting between Mercury and Saturn towards the end of the week may test our attempts to make positive changes. You may feel a sense of restriction or limitation of some kind, but it’s wise to face and deal with any extra responsibilities that may arise as you’ll be rewarded in the long run.


This sobering Saturn influence is strongest on the weekend, when the Moon is in practical Virgo, so the best approach may be to focus on activities that improve your day-to-day functioning such as de-cluttering your wardrobe or garage! This may help you to feel reasonably grounded as we move towards the Full Moon (discussed in next week’s Astro Guide).

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