February 7, 2017


This week we’re experiencing the destabilising energies characteristic of the build-up to an eclipse. It’s a Full Moon eclipse in Leo and although it occurs on Saturday, its effects will be felt the whole week.


Eclipses are times when situations push us to let go of things that aren’t working in our life: for example self-sabotaging behaviour patterns and attitudes, as well as specific factors such as relationships and jobs that need to be overhauled or eliminated from our life.


This can be tough for many of us – particularly if the eclipse degree (22° Leo) is a significant point in your natal chart. However if you can go with the flow of this week’s shake-up, many transformational benefits can result. Just remember not to hold on too tightly to a person, situation or attitude that has been holding back your personal growth in some way.


It will be crucial this week to handle wisely any aggression, pushy behaviour or excessive self-interest (either our own or others’). This is due to the fact that both Mars and Venus are now both in assertive, impatient Aries. If someone pushes your buttons, take three deep breaths before responding. Don’t buy into any competitive or blaming games that people might be trying to play. Try to handle any challenges with every bit of love and patience you can muster.


If you can channel this week’s energies wisely, the positive placement of Uranus this week will help you work on constructive change. Jupiter is also in supportive mode, encouraging an optimistic attitude throughout this rather testing time. Mercury’s entry into Aquarius, where it will stay for 2 weeks or so, assists in maintaining a detached outlook and innovative approach.


The Weekly Astro-Guide lets you know about current astrological conditions that affect us all collectively. These are not individual forecasts, but indicators of broad patterns. The information is useful to help you understand trends, general attitudes and the behaviour of those around you, as well as your own moods and thoughts.

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