WEEKLY ASTRO GUIDE: 13–19 February

February 7, 2017


With last Saturday’s Full Moon eclipse now over, and the February 27 New Moon eclipse not far away, we’re still experiencing the unsettling eclipse energies all week.


Many of us will be in the throes of big changes, with things that are no longer contributing to our growth slipping out of our life. Just remember there’s nothing to fear – everything we experience is helping us to become all that we can be.


A benevolent link-up between the Sun and Saturn helps us to remain grounded amidst the rather shaky eclipse energies. Saturn encourages us to build new structures, slowly and patiently, so any changes we make will need to have a solid, enduring quality. Thankfully a beneficial contact between Mercury and Mars increases our ability to turn ideas into positive action.


Valentine’s Day features the Moon in romantic Libra, but the Saturn influence discussed above urges a conservative approach to celebrations: keep things simple and grounded, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.


On Saturday the Sun begins its annual journey through the intuitive sign of Pisces, allowing us to feel inspired by life’s magic and mystery for the coming month. Give yourself time out to reflect and enjoy the pleasures of nature, music, film or anything that feeds the soul and sparks the imagination.


The Weekly Astro-Guide lets you know about current astrological conditions that affect us all collectively. These are not individual forecasts, but indicators of broad patterns. The information is useful to help you understand trends, general attitudes and the behaviour of those around you, as well as your own moods and thoughts.


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