January 11, 2017



Although the week starts with the Moon in practical Virgo, Monday morning features a Moon-Neptune contact that could cause confusion of some kind. Any mental fog you experience should lift by late morning though, so delay starting anything important until then if possible.


This week features a challenging link-up between action-oriented Mars and cautious, plodding Saturn, who always wants to make sure you have solid foundations before proceeding with important actions of any kind. The resulting tension between these two planets can produce a push-pull effect that requires great patience and perseverance. You may feel as if every path you follow has a roadblock.


The key is to not take things too personally this week. We’re all in the same boat, being tested by limitations of various kinds. And it’s all for a good reason… Saturn is simply making sure we strengthen the good things in our life so they can withstand the test of time.


The Moon in Libra on Wednesday and Thursday should help us to handle the challenging energies with diplomacy and patience. However, when the Moon spends time in Scorpio from Friday until Sunday night, we may need to work on ourselves a little harder. Fortunately Venus and Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, are functioning together favourably, so this should help us express our deeper feelings without becoming involved in the power plays that can sometimes characterise Pluto’s influence.


And let’s not forget that on Friday the Sun changes signs for the first time this year, moving from practical, organised Capricorn into “let’s-see-what’s-possible” Aquarius. The energies will be more detached with the Aquarius focus, and this should help us to shift to a new perspective after a somewhat challenging week.


However the mood might not fully shift into optimistic mode until the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on Sunday night, around 9:45 pm. You will feel the mood gradually lighten. In the coming week things will flow more smoothly: Saturn’s influence will still be around, but it will be linking up with Venus rather than demanding Mars.


The Weekly Astro-Guide lets you know about current astrological conditions that affect us all collectively. These are not individual forecasts, but indicators of broad patterns. The information is useful to help you understand trends, general attitudes and the behavior of those around you, as well as your own moods and thoughts.













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