Intuition: How do you know if you really understood its signals?

Let’s say your intuition leads you into new territory but later you wonder if you made the right decision. What can you do to clarify whether or not you’re on the right track?

Firstly you can reflect on the moment you made the decision to follow your current path. Were you feeling expansive, energised and calmly confident (a sign that intuition was involved)? Or maybe it was a moment when you felt it was something you should do, and when you look back you realise the decision made you feel a bit tired and heavy (usually signalling that intuition was not involved). Even if your current path is sometimes challenging, if the initial decision to take that path felt quietly positive then it’s safe to say it was guided by your intuition.

Being on the intuitive path does bring supportive circumstances and new opportunities. So the best way to look at any challenges you experience is that they’re part of a Grand Design to bring out your full potential. Over time, you’ll start to recognise the difference between stressfully swimming against the tide (when you’re out of touch with your intuition) and the contrasting feeling of self-development that arises through challenges on the intuitive path.

I should also mention that partially understanding intuition’s messages can also lead to mixed results. For example you may correctly interpret the general nature of what it’s trying to convey, but then misjudge the best way to manifest the course of action it seems to suggest. Let’s say you feel an intuitive urge to make greater use of your creative talents, so you leave your job to write a novel without figuring out how to support yourself financially. Or repeated thoughts about a past romance may motivate you to contact the person involved, when intuition was simply reminding you of those sweet moments so you can stay open to opportunities for a new relationship.

So it’s wise to carefully evaluate your best path of action when you receive an intuitive message. When intuition shows you a beneficial path to take it needs you to use the rational judgement of your conscious mind as well – to give you the full picture before you take action.

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