Is intuition guiding your path in 2019?

Now that we’re at the end of January, it's probably a good time to reflect on your New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’ve had some intuitive insights that confirm whether or not you’re on the right path with your resolutions. Or maybe you feel a bit confused about it all.

Yesterday I became aware that some of my New Year’s resolutions have really gained momentum throughout January while others haven’t progressed at all.

If you’ve experienced something along these lines, it might be good to keep in mind that intuition's positive “messages” are usually accompanied by feelings of lightness and expansiveness, as well as fairly high energy levels. However if you're off-track, it usually lets you know through signs such as energy depletion or contraction of some kind (for example physical tension, anxiety or just general lack of wellbeing).

So the resolutions you still feel enthusiastic about – the ones that seem to have plenty of energy and movement – are the ones that are on the right track in terms of your overall life’s purpose. Your intuition knows what you really need for your personal growth.

Intuitive guidance for attaining your goals

If you're on the right path with a particular New Year’s resolution, does intuition continue to guide you as you make progress? Absolutely. Intuition has its subtle ways of letting you know how to transform your visions and ideas into concrete reality. Its guidance generally takes the form of step-by-step insights that you gradually receive over an extended period of time – like little signposts along your path.

If the best path for you takes you right out of your comfort zone, it’s part of your “job” to overcome your fears and develop the courage to take the actions required of you. Easier said than done, I know. However intuition usually conveys a sense that its suggested path is “doable” and enjoyable in some way, and this tends to minimise any anxieties that may arise.

Having a flexible attitude to your action plan

Often we have a strong idea about the best way to achieve a certain goal. We think we know all the steps, in the “right” order. However the universe works in its own mysterious ways. It often brings wonderful results through nudging you take a different set of steps, or simply rearranging the steps or events you envisaged. So flexibility can be a key quality in working with your intuition.

It’s worth mentioning also that your subconscious mind – the source of intuition – works really well with the fact-gathering skills of your conscious mind. So when making an important decision, solving a major problem or embarking on a new path, it’s usually a good idea to obtain helpful information that helps your intuition to examine the situation. The intuitive subconscious mind and the fact-gathering conscious mind make a great team that supports your endeavours and goals in life.

Intuition is your main guiding force, however, so remember to give yourself plenty of peaceful time to connect with it throughout 2019. In the next blog we’ll look at ways to figure out exactly what your intuition is trying to tell you – when its messages don’t seem to be clear.

With love, as the New Year progresses,


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