What the world needs now ...

Many of us are aware that the social, political, biological and economic systems of the world are crumbling… gradually collapsing under the weight of widespread self-interest and cruelty. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how we can make a difference, how we can stop the relentless downwards spiral that could eventually destroy our earth.

The other day I came across some lines in Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love (p. 80) that beautifully expresses something each of us can do: we can make efforts, every day, to come from an inner place of love.

"Everything in the physical universe becomes part of the journey into fear, or the journey back to love, depending on how it’s used by the mind. […] The real transformation of the world comes not from what we’re doing, but from the consciousness with which we’re doing it. We’re actually just buying time while the real transformation of energies has a chance to kick in."

I thought of Marianne’s words yesterday when I went with a friend to the Farmers’ Market in the inner-Sydney suburb of Eveleigh. It was one of the vendors at the market that triggered something deep inside me. The loving gentleness in her eyes reminded me of the expression you often saw at markets and music events in the sixties and seventies. I guess you could describe it as a feeling of universal love: pure, strong, without boundaries. That kind of consciousness was starting to blossom in the sixties and seventies, but somehow it was all overshadowed when the drive for technological progress took over in the following decades.

However – thank heavens – it seems that technology could be playing an important role in bringing us back to the loving awareness we so desperately need. It was social media that allowed our brave high school students to organise their protest against the government’s “blind-eye” approach to climate change, and throughout the world people power through social media is a growing force.

But the journey back to love is the key. It’s the development of genuine love for one’s fellow human beings that has the potential to transform social, political and spiritual consciousness. And it has to start from within. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic, if you can start each day with a short meditation on the power of love – and the way it holds our universe together – you’ll make a massive contribution to the transformation of the planet.

With love, as the year draws to a close,


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