Using your imagination to achieve career goals

The ability of your imagination to affect your state of mind makes it an incredible resource for achieving a wide range of career goals. In fact it can be a crucial factor in determining both the nature of your career goals and your level of success.

For example regularly imagining yourself successfully performing your desired career role is a wonderful way to ensure that your skills are fully utilised. Your imagination can also play a vital role in brainstorming career ideas when you don’t have a clear vocational path in mind.

As well as creatively visualising your desired outcomes, you can also use affirmations (positive statements) to back up your visualisations. In doing this you can draw upon the rich material stored in your subconscious mind – a vast tapestry of your life experiences, things you’ve learned and observed, and even material from the collective unconscious.

As mentioned in earlier posts, regularity is an important factor. If you can visualise the attainment of your goals at least once a day, you can make a strong impact on your inner beliefs and - through this - attract to yourself the opportunities that allow you to turn your dreams into solid realities.

In addition, visualisation can sometimes access intuitive, innovative concepts that go way beyond your conscious awareness of your career potential. As Howard Figler and Richard Nelson Bolles state in The Career Counsellor’s Handbook, “Some of the best career paths emerge from wild dreaming and ideas that seem far-fetched at the time”.

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