Overcoming anxieties and fears

In my last blog we looked at the power of your imagination to bring about much-need changes and the attainment of your goals. Another wonderful facet of imagination is that it can be highly effective in overcoming distressing emotional states such as anxiety and fear.

For example visualisations and/or affirmations that relax the body, calm the mind and suggest positive outcomes can be of great assistance if you're troubled by examinations, job interviews or irrational anxieties such as fear of flying or "scary things" such as snakes or spiders.

In these situations you can use your imagination to re-programme your subconscious mind to view the feared situation in a more realistic and non-threatening light. So if, for example, you feel terrified at the thought of an upcoming event, you can start practising visualisations or affirmations that support positive outcomes several days (or weeks, if necessary) before the actual event. You could set aside time in the morning and evening of each day for a session where your imagination creates a sense of the favourable outcome you desire.

Using the imagination to shape the way you view a particular event can also be used to improve your level of success in a wide variety of activities where there's pressure to perform effectively. Visualisation is often a key part of the regular routines practised by athletes, performers and those required to do public speaking of some kind. Often termed mental rehearsal, it provides a way to programme the mind to success by visualising the way you would like things to occur at a particular event.

For example many sportspeople familiarise themselves with the venue at which an upcoming event will be held, so they can visualise their success there before the event takes place. Entertainers often visualise a high-quality performance and the enthusiastic response of their audience. Similarly, people who have to speak in public often visualise themselves looking and feeling confident, and picture their audience responding positively to their speech.

There are so many ways you can use the inner resources of your imagination to improve your life. Once you set its wheels in motion on a regular basis, it gradually becomes stronger -- like a muscle or any other resource you choose to exercise regularly as part of your daily life.

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