Life Path Reports

Illuminate the nature of your unique path and purpose in life  through a special report that I write -- just for you -- based on key factors in your astrology chart and insights from numerology. 

Your report, Insights into Your Life Path, contains 8--10 pages of information that will inspire you to live the life you were born to live. Based on insights from both astrology and numerology, the report reveals the nature of your life's path -- its gifts, challenges and potential. 

I write each individual report myself, giving a great deal of thought to the wording so you have an integrated, holistic view of the various factors involved (unlike computer-generated reports!).  

What your report reveals

Insights into Your Life Path gives you the big picture of your life, including:

The type of role you were born to play in the world

Your path of growth and its special skills

The psychological needs shaping your life path

Other key factors in your contribution to the world

Overview of your life path from the standpoints of both astrology and numerology.

Price and how to order

Your report is amazing value at $120, as it provides you with a substantial part of the information you'd receive from an astrology session -- in a format where you can easily refer to it again in the future. 

All you have to do is email me your birth details, including your name, date, time and place of birth. I'll give you details for making a payment using PayPal (very easy and quick!). Then I knuckle down and write your report. I'll email it to you within10 days and you can print it out so you can refer to it when you need to feel inspired about your life and its potential!

Special offer  Astrology Session + Life Path Report: $210

(valued at $290)

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