May 17, 2018

Yesterday there was a major planetary event that will have a strong global influence for the next 8 years. Uranus – the planet of sudden, sweeping change – entered the peace-loving sign of Taurus after a seven-year stint in the often-aggressive sign of Aries. During the past eight years we’ve experienced a proliferation of gun violence and violent political unrest, so this change of sign offers hope for the discovery of more peaceful solutions to global issues.

Uranus often brings change in chaotic ways, dismantling t...

May 8, 2018


The longer I work with the Tarot, the more I realise our intuition loves to connect with the symbolism of the cards’ imagery. Working intuitively with the Tarot allows us to enter the many layers of meaning associated with these symbols and hone in on the factors that are relevant to a particular situation.

The intriguing images in the popular Rider Waite Tarot deck were painted in the early 20th century by Pamela Colman Smith, a highly intuitive artist who belonged to an occult society known as the Hermetic Order o...

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