September 18, 2017

The week starts with a linkup between pleasure-loving Venus and the planet of change, Uranus – so you may feel the urge to break free of a situation that has been limiting you in some way and make a fresh start. Alternatively you may simply be drawn to unusual, innovative or exciting experiences.

On Wednesday we have the VIRGO NEW MOON and on the same day Venus also enters Virgo, bringing a strong urge to make improvements in your own life or help others to do so. Mercury and Mars are also in Virgo, so the detail-oriented,...

September 13, 2017

The first few days of the week feature the increasing influence of a demanding Sun-Saturn factor, exact on Thursday and fading out by the weekend. This tricky influence functions best with a restrained, self-disciplined approach, which has the power to turn the frustration of obstacles into a highly productive plan. Fully facing your responsibilities is essential to the mastering of Sun-Saturn energies.   

This influence is somewhat alleviated by Saturn’s link with Venus on Wednesday – which helps us enjoy social resp...

September 4, 2017

The good news this week is that Mercury finally returns to direct motion on Wednesday, bringing its three-week retrograde period to an end.

Gradually picking up speed, it will take a further couple of weeks (known as the shadow period) for it to reach the point where it originally turned retrograde. During the shadow period, we may continue to experience subtle effects related to issues that were brought up during the retrograde period.

Projects held up due to missing or confused information – or other communication-relate...

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