August 27, 2017

Tuesday marks the FIRST QUARTER PHASE of the Moon’s cycle, a time when lunar power assists progress with any project commenced since the New Moon (which in this case occurred on 22 August). The Sagittarius Moon from Tuesday until Thursday further encourages this progress by providing a mood of optimism and confidence.

Although the shake-up of last week’s Total Solar Eclipse created a sense of instability for many of us, this week gives us a green light for constructive action. As well as the above-mentioned lunar assistanc...

August 21, 2017

The big celestial event this week is the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on Tuesday, which coincides with the Leo New Moon. Although New Moons are generally associated with new beginnings, the Solar Eclipse at this time suggests that each of us may need to let something go before a new start can be made. 

Eclipses are catalysts for change. Disrupting the normal electromagnetic pattern of the Sun-Moon field, eclipses similarly tend to disrupt the status quo in our lives. Issues, goals and urges that have been struggling for our attenti...

August 14, 2017

On Monday Mercury begins its three-week retrograde phase. Mercury rules communication, information, technology, transport and commerce – areas of life on which so many of our activities are hinged. So when Mercury turns retrograde every 4 months, causing these things to go a bit haywire for about 3 weeks, it can have a major impact on our work, relationships and other areas of life.

It’s common to experience delays, confusion, misunderstandings and the need to re-do things during the retrograde period. Computers and other...

August 7, 2017

The big event this week is the Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE on Tuesday. Circumstances around the time of an eclipse urge us to let go of things that aren’t working well for us (people, situations or thought patterns and behaviour) and reflect on new possibilities for our lives.

Tuesday’s eclipse occurs at the Aquarius Full Moon and will be followed by a Solar Eclipse at the Leo New Moon on 22 August. It’s wise to postpone a major event like a wedding or the start of a new business until after the two-week period between eclipses.


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