May 29, 2017

The first half of this week features the strong influence of Mars, the planet of energy, action and drive. However on Monday Mars opposes serious Saturn, creating a restricting effect that may inhibit your ability to move things forward.

Perseverance pays off at this time – so if you hang in there (without forcing things) there’s the potential to make great progress eventually.

By Wednesday the energies of Mars will be freed up by its contact with Uranus. You may receive new insights into constructive changes you can make....

May 21, 2017

In the lead-up to Friday’s New Moon, it’s best to consolidate existing projects rather than start  new ones – even though the Moon in Aries on Monday and Tuesday has a fresh, action-packed type of energy.

On Thursday the Moon is void-of-course the whole day, so this is definitely not a good time for decision-making, major purchases or starting anything new.

Then at last, early on Friday morning, we have the GEMINI NEW MOON – a time to plant seeds for new projects concerned with communication and productive connections with...

May 12, 2017

This is a wonderful week for making progress with your goals, projects and plans – particularly those involving some kind of innovation or inventive, original approach.

We have the combined influence of Saturn and Uranus to thank for this window of opportunity. Both planets are in fire signs, so taking action through inspired insight is the key!

Saturn helps us to be more self-disciplined and organised, while Uranus opens our mind to new, progressive ideas. So you can reap the benefits of their influence this week by “knuc...

May 7, 2017

After last week’s gentle planetary influences, this week’s intensity forms a strong contrast. You may feel compelled to look deeply at your life as the build-up to Thursday’s Scorpio Full Moon unfolds.

Although the Sun’s link with probing Pluto adds to the intensity, this week’s powerful energies have the potential to bring transformational change – if you can work with the need for self-examination in positive ways.

Meanwhile, as we swim in the deep waters of this Full Moon, the combined energies of Mercury and Uranus may...

May 1, 2017

Sharpen your colouring pencils as this week features the creative and inspiring influence of Neptune! Building gradually, its influence will be strongest on Thursday and will decrease in the following days. There’s a particularly good window of opportunity for artistic, literary or musical activities from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday evening, when the dynamic Moon in Leo adds its creative flair to Neptune’s imaginative spark.

The magical influence of Neptune can uplift your spirit in many ways: from romantic yearnings...

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