Why our troubled world needs yoga philosophy

The Sanskrit word for philosophy is darsan, which means vision, and yoga philosophy offers us a vision or view of life that’s full of inspiration, yet very straightforward, practical and applicable to daily life. Although most people are aware of yoga in terms of its popular physical practices (hatha yoga), it’s not yet widely known that the yogic path is primarily spiritual and philosophical in nature. Yoga was originally intertwined with the Hindu religion, which since ancient times has been characterised by rituals, worship and prayers. However when it was discovered that the divine existed within humans, the upward gaze towards the gods shifted inwards to a path within the human soul. Se

Accessing your creativity through meditation and yoga

We’re all born with creative instincts and abilities. Perhaps there’s a part of you that’s dying to write a book, compose a song, paint a picture or become involved in other creative activities. Alternatively you may have a creative profession or hobby, but often experience the dreaded block where ideas seem to dry up just when you need them the most. If either of these scenarios applies to you, the big question is: how can you access the creative resources that lie deep inside you, waiting to be used? I’ve personally found that the regular practice of meditation and yoga provides an ideal way to boost your creativity. Why are these ancient practices so beneficial for creative processes? The

Intuition: How do you know if you really understood its signals?

Let’s say your intuition leads you into new territory but later you wonder if you made the right decision. What can you do to clarify whether or not you’re on the right track? Firstly you can reflect on the moment you made the decision to follow your current path. Were you feeling expansive, energised and calmly confident (a sign that intuition was involved)? Or maybe it was a moment when you felt it was something you should do, and when you look back you realise the decision made you feel a bit tired and heavy (usually signalling that intuition was not involved). Even if your current path is sometimes challenging, if the initial decision to take that path felt quietly positive then it’s saf