My magazine articles cover a broad spectrum of metaphysical and philosophical subject matter, with a special focus on ways we can apply the ancient wisdom of Indian spiritual traditions to the challenges of our troubled contemporary world. (See the "About" section for info on my early background in Indian Studies at the University of Melbourne.) The following magazines have published my articles:

  • Australian Yoga Life

  • Wellbeing

  • Nature & Health

  • AstroLog

My most recent articles have been focussed on yoga philosophy and ways to create a spiritual approach to yoga & meditation. Here's a list of the latest:

  • "Yoga for Anxiety and Depression" (AYL, issue 66, March-May 2020)

  • "The Heart of Yoga and Meditation" (Wellbeing, issue 185)

  • "Yoga and the Art of Surrender" (AYL, issue 65, Dec 2019 - Feb 2020)

  • "Jnana Yoga: The Way of Wisdom" (AYL, issue 64, Sept - Nov 2019)

  • "Sadhana: Creating a Spiritual Practice" (AYL, issue 63, June-August 2019)

  • "Abhyasa & Vairagya: Yoga's Philosophy of Practice with Non-Attachment"(AYL, issue 62)

  • "Ignite Your Imagination" (Wellbeing, issue 179)

  • "The Philosophy of Om" (AYL, issue 61)

  • "Samskaras: Use Yoga to Free Yourself from Compulsive Thoughts" (AYL, issue 60)

  • "Developing Your Intuition" (AYL, issue 56)

My blog articles have appeared regularly on this website since early 2016 (see Blog section) and I've also written  and self-published two paperback books (see Book section).