Hello there! I'm a Sydney-based author and freelance writer. My writing covers a broad spectrum of metaphysical, self-help and philosophical subject matter, with a special focus on ways we can apply the ancient wisdom of Indian spiritual traditions to the challenges of our troubled contemporary world. 

My writing career began in the late 1970s and for the next two decades or so I worked as a book editor, copywriter and freelance writer, mainly for Sydney-based publishing companies. During this time I also developed a fascination with astrology, numerology and the tarot, eventually working in - and writing about - this field for many years.

In 2008 I began my journey into the realm of "possibility literature" - which continues today as I   keep exploring the boundless wisdom of the world's great personal development writers and philosophers. For the last few years this has brought me back into the fascinating world of India's spiritual literature and philosophy, which I studied formally back in my university days (more about this below).

In 2014, during one of my metaphysical phases, I wrote and self-published my first book, Numerology: A Simple Guide to Your Path in Life (2015). This gave me the opportunity to add new perceptions and levels of understanding to the fascinating field of numerology.


Then two years later came my second book, Intuition: The Art of Using Your Sixth Sense (2017). I wrote this book to pass on everything I'd  experienced and learned about our amazing faculty of intuition, which had become very important to my work and daily life. The book has a special  focus on yoga and meditation, which can provide a natural, gradual way to develop your intuitive faculties.

Today, as well as writing magazine articles, I'm also focussed on writing a new book that weaves together some timeless spiritual themes. 

Yoga and meditation are a very important part of my life - I've been a yoga practitioner for more than 40 years and a daily meditator for about 10 years. The ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy associated with these practices continues to be a daily source of inspiration for me. 


I grew up in Melbourne, gained my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne in 1974 (majoring in Indian Studies and English Literature) and moved to Sydney in 1978. I have a daughter and son who also currently live in Sydney.

Incidentally the head of the Indian Studies Department during my years at Melbourne Uni was  Sibnarayan Ray (1921-2008), a respected Indian writer, philosopher, educator and literary critic. This gentle, inspiring man has had an enduring influence on my approach to life and my deep love for Indian spirituality and philosophy.